Sodbury Vale MRC

A club for all railway modellers in South Gloucestershire! 

Railways for gauges from ‘N’ to O gauge, in both DC and DCC!

We have our own premises offering a range of facilities.

‘N’,’OO’, ‘O’, ‘EM’ and ‘P4’  gauge test layouts in both DC and DCC, plus meeting room with library and a workshop.

We met on Tuesday mornings from 9am to midday, Tuesday evenings from 630pm to 930pm and on Thursday mornings from 9am until midday.

We are actively seeking new members!


FACEBOOK – The club has a public group page, where “stuff” is shared by and with the individual members (search for Sodbury Vale Model Railway Club) – Note content is posted by individuals and may not match the club’s official view!




Number of page views …………3944
Number of visitors to website………… 1983

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